Set Task Tracking Partition Options

While the Task IDs are defined at the system level, some task tracking features must be set at partition level. If you are using a LANSA for i Master System, then you will use the following partition settings:

Specify that task tracking is active in this partition. Object and task authority checks will be performed and all events that have taken place for work performed on objects will be recorded.

Specify that the user requires a task identifier before any work can be performed on a selected object.

Specify that the confirm task identifier pop-up is required when work has completed on a selected object. The user will be prompted to confirm or change (if CHANGE function key is enabled) the task identifier to be allocated for work performed on the selected object.

Specify that the user is allowed to change the task identifier that is allocated to the selected object on which work was performed but only if.

Specify that the security checks should be disabled within task administration.

Specify that task tracking is active for import jobs.

If you are setting task tracking for LANSA for i, refer to Partition Definitions - Create, Change or Delete and Task Tracking Settings in the LANSA for i User Guide. (Refer to Task Tracking in Master/Slave Systems.)

If you are using a Visual LANSA Independent System, then you will use the Task Tracking Partition Settings. (Refer to Task Tracking on Independent Systems.)

Note: When Task Tracking Partition Settings are changed in a LANSA for i Master LANSA System the partition definition in Visual LANSA must be refreshed.

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