Define Task IDs

Once you have decided upon a task tracking approach (refer to 6.2.2 Approaches for using Task Tracking), updated the partition Task Tracking Settings (refer to Set Task Tracking Partition Options) and finished Set Special Task ID (if required), you will begin to define your Task IDs.

Before creating tasks, you should define a set of site naming standards for your Task IDs. These standards need to conform to the Special Task Ids if they are being used. Naming standards can help developers to identify the purpose of a task.

The basic steps to defining new tasks include:

1.  Create a Task ID. (Refer to Task Maintenance.)

2.  Assign the user or users to the Task ID. (Refer to Share Task IDs.)

3.  If necessary, lock objects to the task and PC using an export. (Refer to Submit a PC Export Run to Batch in the LANSA for i User Guide.)

Submit a PC Export Run to Batch


4.  Inform developer(s) about the new tasks. Developers may need to update their current task lists. (Refer to Current Task List.)

How the developers use the tasks will depend upon your approach and how you have specified Unlock Objects in Task Tracking. A Task ID must be entered when a developer starts Visual LANSA. (Refer to Logon Parameters.)

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