Share Task IDs

One of the most important questions to ask when planning your task tracking strategy is, "How many developers will be allowed to use a Task ID?". The answer to this question will determine the types of controls you are able to implement.

There are two basic approaches:

One Developer per Task ID

You can assign a single developer for each Task ID. Using this approach, you are able to identify the work done by a single developer. One developer per Task ID is required if using the Tracking By Developer approach. It is also used with the Full Task-Oriented Tracking approach for greater control over developers.

If you wish to limit one developer per Task ID, it is your responsibility to assign just a single developer to a Task ID. LANSA allows up to 10 users or group profiles per task.

Multiple Developers per Task ID

You can allow more than one developer to share a Task ID. In the case of the Minimum Tracking approach, there is just one Task ID for the whole system and it is shared by all developers. The Tracking by Product and Full Task-Oriented Tracking approaches can be defined with more than one developer using the same Task ID. Conceptually, allowing multiple developers per Task ID is like allowing multiple developers to use the same user profile to access LANSA.

If more than one developer is allowed to use a specific Task ID, the task history must be reviewed at a detailed level to track an individual developer's work (assuming developers use different user profiles).

Multiple developers can be authorized to use a Task ID when it is created. LANSA allows up to 10 users or group profiles per task.

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