Change Current Task

A developer must select a Task ID when logging on to Visual LANSA. (Refer to Logon Parameters.) You may change the current task by exiting Visual LANSA and logging on using a new Task ID, or you may use the Set Current Task option to change the task you are currently working with.

The Set Current Task option is accessed using the Repository tab. (Refer to Repository Tab in the Visual LANSA User Guide.) Expand the list of Tasks and select the desired Task ID. Right-click to display the pop-up menu and select the Set Current Task option. This option can only be used if there are no objects open in the editor.

LANSA will check if you are authorized to work under the task you have selected. If you are not allowed to work under the task, then an error message will be displayed. The new task you select will take effect immediately. The new task you have selected will apply to all the work you perform in Visual LANSA. The title bar of the LANSA window will reflect the change in the task ID.