7. System Information

System maintenance is carried out on a LANSA Master System. This means that in a Visual LANSA Slave system, partition information is displayed as read only.

If you are using an Independent Visual LANSA System, partitions are maintained directly in Visual LANSA.

To access the System Information in the LANSA Editor, select System Information in the Repository tab.

You must be logged on to Visual LANSA as the Security Officer or Partition Security Officer to perform system information maintenance tasks.

The items that can be accessed from within the System Maintenance list are:

7.1 System Definitions

7.2 X_LANSA.PRO Maintenance

7.3 Partitions

7.4 Language Settings

7.5 Frameworks

7.6 Groups

7.7 Primitives

7.8 Remote System Details

7.9 User and Security Maintenance

7.11 Task Maintenance

7.10 Object Security

7.11 Task Maintenance

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