7.1 System Definitions

In a Visual LANSA Slave system, all System Definitions are displayed as read-only in the Details tab as all maintenance is performed on the related LANSA Master System.

You will find the equivalent IBM i system definitions in the Review System Settings which opens from the LANSA for i Administration menu. For details of how to keep these system definitions up-to-date on a Slave system, refer to Visual LANSA Slave Systems Administration.

If you are using an Independent Visual LANSA System, you can change these details directly in Visual LANSA.

You can access the System Definitions by selecting System Information from the File menu. Click on any item in the details tab to open the actual options within each group and to also open the Details window. If you have the authority, you can change the options in the Details window. Double click on an item to close the list.

Specific Definitions

7.1.1 Export and Import Options

7.1.2 Task tracking

7.1.3 Field and File defaults

7.1.4 Compile and Edit Options

7.1.5 Execution and Security

7.1.6 Display and Print controls

7.1.7 General Information