7.8 Remote System Details

This is a display of the defined Remote Systems, including the associated master system if this is a Slave installation.

The Visual LANSA slave system automatically creates a master Remote System during the Visual LANSA installation.  This master system definition cannot be changed. You can review the Remote Systems from the System list of New menu item, opened from the File menu.

Deployment Systems are also displayed. Before connecting to a Deployment System using Deliver To, the Remote System must be correctly set up. In the case of a Linux Remote System this includes using the Partition Initialization command to set up a corresponding partition on the Linux environment. IBM i Remote Systems must use the Refresh option to get the workstation names from the Remote System.

The System Information tab displays the following details of the remote system:

Remote System Name
The name of the remote system. The remote system name should correspond with a Partner LU Name in the lroute.dat file.

Remote System Description
A description of the system.

Remote System Type
Indicates the type of system (Master or Deployment). This cannot be changed.

Build environment
IBM i or Linux.

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