7.3.7 Universal interface options

The application interface described as Universal can be executed natively on the IBM i, Microsoft Windows, over the Internet in a browser environment, or on any number of computing devices using XHTML or XML. The Universal model takes full advantage of LANSA's repository-based 4GL architecture. However, because the user interface is Universal, it cannot be optimized to take maximum advantage of the unique characteristics of any single environment. The universal interface has some graphical capabilities (based on the IBM Windows Icon Mouse Pointer constructs). It supports features such as action bars, push buttons, radio buttons, drop downs, lists and so on. The programs are procedural and use a character-based application style. Under Windows, a Universal application does not have the full range of event-driven capabilities.

The following options are used to control how RDML Function applications created using the Universal Model will be generated in the partition.

Process Menu style

Uppercase process title

Uppercase function title

Display process date and time

Display function date and time    

Display panel ID

Function key lines

Message line number

Border fill - top corner

Border fill – top and bottom

Border fill - sides

Border fill - bottom corner


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