Locale uppercasing required

In a client/server configuration, this option is obtained from an IBM i server and is set during system initialisation on the PC.

On a Visual LANSA stand alone master system, it is set in the Details tab of the LANSA Editor while viewing the Language Settings for a partition.

The option is only used with fields that do not have the attribute LC (Lowercase entry allowed) specified. Unless LC is specified, a field's input values in the range a to z will be converted to upper case (that is A to Z).

This option is set to:

YES if characters outside the a to z range must also be converted to upper case, for example, from à to À

NO, if special characters are to remain as lower case while those in the a to z range are converted to upper case. This could be the result: RESUMé.

For information regarding field attributes, refer to Input Attributes in the Technical Reference Guide.