7.9.1 LANSA User Profiles and Security

User profiles control security in the LANSA System. Each developer should have their own unique user profile. Each user profile is password protected and is used in the following ways:

Refer also to the differences between IBM i and Visual LANSA authority, in Initial User Access to Objects in the LANSA for i User Guide.

Developer Access

Each user profile is assigned access to objects, described in 7.10 Object Security or privileges to determine the set of actions that can be performed in the development environment. For example, a user profile must be authorized to create or change a field in the repository before they can perform this action.

Object Maintenance

Authority to a specific object and its data is controlled using the 7.10 Object Security. Each object has a list of authorities and users who can use or maintain the object.

Partition Settings

A partition level setting, User access enforced, determines if the security settings are used. The default is off, i.e. the user access security in Visual LANSA is not enforced. Once this setting is turned on, the security setting listed are enforced.