7.9.2 Types of User Profiles

Different user profiles may be required by the different software layers. For example, the Windows operating system, database management system and Web Servers may all require user profiles that are registered as part of different software layers.

Windows Profiles

Visual LANSA software requires at least one Windows user profile (by default PCXUSER) with proper administrative authorities to set up the Windows environment to use the Visual LANSA software. The rules for Windows user profiles are dependent upon the operating system software and version.

Database Manager Profiles

By default, the Visual LANSA installation includes an SQL Server and the default is to trusted connections.

If the LANSA install creates the SQL Server instance, it will add the current user to the database instance security settings as well as the default sa (server assistant) user. The sa password is defaulted to a predefined strong password but it can be changed if you wish.

Developer Profiles

As an Administrator, you are responsible for creating LANSA user profiles to allow developers to log on to the Visual LANSA development environment.

Visual LANSA user profiles can only be created using a Master LANSA System. Visual LANSA user profiles control the development operations available (add/change/delete operations) and user access rights to specific LANSA objects. Changes to a user's access rights do not take effect until the next time the user logs on to LANSA. If the user is currently using Visual LANSA, they should log off and then log back on to Visual LANSA to ensure that the changed object access rights take effect.

Note: Some options displayed in the editor are based on user authority. For example, system maintenance options are only displayed to authorized users; all users may view partition definition details, but only authorized users may change these details.

Existing Profiles

In an existing system where many user profiles may already be defined, LANSA provides an easy way to control the user access rights in Visual LANSA. The administrator may set the standard developer security access in the Master System.

If using a LANSA for i Master system, you can Work with Administration Tasks and select the Authorize Visual LANSA developer option. Once updated on IBM i, the information must be refreshed or propagated to Visual LANSA. Refer to  Maintaining Users and Tasks on Slave Systems.

If using a Visual LANSA Master System, you can create a User Profile to match the existing user profile and then define the privileges as described in 7.9.5 Maintain a User's Privileges for the user profile. Using this approach, a developer will not require multiple profiles.