8.8 Export and Import

LANSA supports the concept of exporting and importing application definitions and data to move information between different partitions or different LANSA Systems.

If you need to create an export where only a small number of objects is required, use the 8.8.1 Quick Export facility. To move large volumes of objects or a LANSA application and data use the LANSA Deployment Tool. (For details, refer to the LANSA Deployment Tool Guide.)

An import is performed to a specific partition.

To execute an import, you must have first used LANSA's export feature which creates files that can then be imported into Visual LANSA. Refer to Exporting and Importing in the LANSA for i User Guide.

A LANSA import can be executed using the following methods:

Before you start to import data into the repository, your repository must be correctly initialized.

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