8.8.5 LIMPORT (from IBM i)

By using the LIMPORT (From IBM i) item in the LANSA, Settings and Administration\Utilities folder, you can execute an import where the imported data is stored in the IFS (Integrated File System) on an IBM i server. The LIMPORT directly from IBM i dialog will be displayed.

To do this, go to the LANSA Folder, select the Settings and Administration folder, expand the Utilities folder, then click on to open the LIMPORT directly from IBM i dialog

You must have an active connection to the IBM i server with a valid IBM i profile and password. The profile must have all of the proper IBM i authorities to access the IFS containing import data. The import data in the IFS should have been formatted as a PC export.

The Visual LANSA development environment does not have to be active to perform an import, but the Visual LANSA database services must be active so that the import can establish a database connection.

Use the Parameter Help button for detail about any of the required input fields.