7.3.5 Enable Existing Partitions for RDMLX

All LANSA partitions prior to Version 11 are RDML Partitions. Once a LANSA System has been upgraded to Version 11 or greater, a partition can be enabled for RDMLX and then it becomes an RDMLX Partition.

Before you enable an existing partition for RDMLX, you should fully understand the potential development and business implications of this change. Specifically, you should review:

If you have a LANSA for i Master System, the procedure for enabling an existing RDML Partition for RDMLX may involve steps on both the LANSA for i Master System and steps on each workstation or server that contains a Visual LANSA Repository. To enable an existing partition, complete the following tasks as required:

Once the partition has been enabled, remember that all development must be done from the Visual LANSA development environment.

If you have an Independent Visual LANSA System, the partition can be enabled for RDMLX in Visual LANSA as required.

If you enable a partition for RDMLX, and if you have existing SuperServer applications that are currently using Built-In Function DEFINE_OS_400_SERVER, you should change to Built-In Function DEFINE_ANY_SERVER.