RDML and RDMLX Object Deployment

Applications developed with Visual LANSA can be deployed to other servers including Windows, Linux and IBM i. The method of deploying LANSA objects will depend upon the server that will host the application.

IBM i Deployment

The standard method for deploying RDML and RDMLX Objects to another IBM i server is to check the objects in to the LANSA for i Master Repository. LANSA for i import/export utilities are used to deploy objects to other IBM i servers.

Alternately, RDML and RDMLX objects can be delivered directly to a remote IBM i using the Deliver To command.

If you deploy an RDMLX Visual LANSA application using LANSA SuperServer to an IBM i, please note:

Windows Deployment

To deploy applications to other Windows workstations or servers, use the Visual LANSA Deployment Tool. For details, refer to Introduction to Deployment Tool in the Deployment Tool Guide.

Linux Deployment

RDML and RDMLX objects can be delivered to a Linux runtime environment using the Deliver To command.