Update LANSA for i Partition Definition

To begin, you must change the existing partition definition and then define the RDMLX features enabled for the partition.

Using the LANSA for i Master System, perform the following steps:

1.  Logon as the System Administrator or Partition Owner for the LANSA for i partition to be RDMLX enabled.

2.  Go to the LANSA Housekeeping Menu and select the Partition Maintenance option.

3.  Select the existing partition to be RDMLX enabled.

4.  Set the "Enable partition for RDMLX" flag to YES.

5.  Specify the RDMLX features to be enabled. (Refer to 7.3.4 RDMLX Partition Settings.)

a.  It is recommended that Create functions as RDMLX be set to NO because you have many existing objects that are RDML objects.

b.  It is recommended that Create components as RDMLX be set to YES to allow all new features to be enabled.

c.  It is recommended that Alpha, Packed and Signed field types always be allowed.

6.  Save the partition definition.

Next, complete the Refresh Visual LANSA Systems task.