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Computer Name

Name of the debugging computer used for a Visual LANSA debug session. (The debugging computer is where you will debug from if the Visual LANSA application to be debugged is running on a different computer.)

If you are debugging an application on the same computer, you do not need to change this name.

Note: This name is used as the TCP/IP network host name so you need to make sure that the computer, where the LANSA applications to be debugged is running, is able to resolve the name into a valid IP address. If this computer cannot resolve this name into a valid IP address, then you will need to enter the numeric IP address here. If you are debugging an application on the same computer, you can safely use this numeric IP address:

Default value: Name of your current computer.


TCP/IP port number to be used by the Visual LANSA Debug Service.

The Visual LANSA development environment can choose an available port number between 51234 and 52233 (inclusive) automatically and so you don't usually need to change it here.

Note that if you have multiple Visual LANSA development environments running on the same computer, the port number for each of the Visual LANSA development environment must be unique. If you do not specify your own port number, Visual LANSA will resolve it correctly.

If you are in the very unusual situation that the whole range of port numbers are occupied, you need to select and enter a port number (recommended between 10000 and 65535 inclusive) here.

If the port number selected (either automatically by Visual LANSA or one specified here) is blocked by any kind of network firewall (e.g. ZoneAlarm), you need to either choose another port number or unblock the port by changing your network firewall's settings.

Note: Do not to confuse this port number with the port number for the Listener service. The port number here must not be in use by any Listener service running on the debugger computer.

Default value: 51234

Start debug service with LANSA Editor

Start the Visual LANSA Debug Service automatically when the Visual LANSA development environment starts.
If you do not want the Visual LANSA Debug Service to be started automatically, de-select this option.
Default value: Enabled

Restart service

Press this button to start the Visual LANSA Debug Service manually if it is not started automatically or has stopped abnormally.

Break at first executable statement

Select (ΓΌ) this option if you wish the debugger to stop at your first executable statement. If it is not selected, processing will continue until your first breakpoint is reached.

Default value: Selected.