Web - Design tab

This tab is only displayed if you have enabled WAM Development during partition initialization. WAMs are supported for backward compatibility - the recommend way to create web applications is LANSA for Web.

Images virtual directory

This is the virtual directory for the location of  images, CCS and JavaScript files used by this LANSA configuration. This setting is read-only and can only be changed using the Web Administrator.

Default value: /images

Mapped images folder

This setting is used in conjunction with the "Images virtual directory" when selecting an image using the image browser.

This is the physical folder that the "Images virtual directory" resolves to. If you are using IIS as Web Server and the LANSA Web Server Extension Plug-in is running in Development mode it will resolve the "Images virtual directory" for you. Otherwise it is assumed that the images folder is located within the current configuration.

Default value: The value is worked out as per above.

Auto synchronize picklists for visualized fields

Some LANSA fields can be visualized with picklists. The picklist data is stored in the WebRoutine. Changes to the picklist data in the LANSA field definition will not automatically appear in a WebRoutine where the field is used. This happens when a WebRoutine is opened in the Editor, and only if this option is selected.

Default value: Enabled

Open Web Views when designing XSL

If this option is enabled, all Web related views will be opened when a Web design is loaded. This option is useful to get started with web development. Once they have been opened the Editor will remember them and their location and this option can be turned off.

Default value: Enabled

Delete Orphan WebRoutine Designs when closing Web Application Modules

If you delete a WebRoutine from a WAM's RDML source code you end up with an orphan Web Design. This option determines what happens with those orphan Web Designs when the WAM is closed. If this option is enabled they will be deleted, otherwise they will remain in the repository.

Default value: Enabled

Show Weblet XML

Typically, when editing a weblet, you won't need to change the weblet's XML. The XSL is therefore not shown. Enable this option if you need to change the XML.

Default value: Disabled

Save WebRoutine Field and List sample data

Enable this option if you need to save field and list sample data. This is useful if you have altered the sample data to use your own rather then the default from LANSA.

Note that saving field and list sample data can affect performance when opening Web Page designs.

Default value: Disabled




1.5.1 Editor Options