1.1.5 Integration

Companies often have different business applications built over time in different languages that use different technologies, run on different hardware platforms and operating systems with inconsistent user interfaces. The result is isolated functionality, multiple instances of the same data, redundant manual activities and higher costs. To solve these problems, LANSA offers:

LANSA Composer

A highly visual and code-free tool for use by business analysts to design and implement solutions to business process integration problems. Without writing any program code, LANSA Composer allows you to automate manual processes and reduce the human interaction required to complete a business process.

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LANSA Integrator

Integrator makes it easier for developers to integrate data across diverse platforms and applications. It eliminates the need to learn complex technologies by hiding the technical aspects of data integration including data transformation, communications, email, messaging and SOAP and REST Web services. LANSA Integrator allows bi-directional XML and other data formats to be exchanged between businesses across different platforms.

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