1.2.1 LANSA Product Architecture

LANSA Applications are based on the use of the Repository and a single, powerful programming language.

The LANSA Repository stores a vast amount of information about your business application in one central location. (Refer to 1.2.2 Centralizing Information in a Repository.) This information is used to build and execute your application. The centrally defined Repository improves development productivity while reducing maintenance. For distributed network applications, the Repository provides superior performance characteristics.

LANSA uses a powerful 4GL (Fourth Generation Language) to create a high level application definition of your business logic. Using a 4GL makes your application independent of the operating platform so that you can create just one application definition which can execute on multiple platforms. LANSA's RDML allows you to more productively define procedural logic which significantly reduces maintenance.

All of the products in the LANSA family can make use of Repository Technology and the LANSA RDML.

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