1.2.3 Repository and RDML

The LANSA Repository and RDML programming language work together to create an integrated solution. You use both components to build your applications. The resulting LANSA development environment is highly productive and easy to use. Many benefits result from the combination of these two technologies.

You cannot create a LANSA application using just the RDML programming language. You must define information in the LANSA Repository before you can begin to create your application logic. In fact, the definition of the business application in the LANSA Repository is the first step in building your application. The Repository stores the information about the fields and the tables that are used by the application. It stores details about the related business rules for these fields and tables. It can also store components which make up your applications.

1.4 LANSA RDML is much more productive because it has been designed to reuse the information it knows is already defined in the Repository. For example, default screen layouts can be automatically generated based on the information in the Repository. Developers do not need to code business rules which have already been defined in the Repository. Also, features like help text and field level prompting are fully supported by the Repository and do not have to be coded into the application.

This application architecture, combining Repository and 4GL technologies, has some significant advantages when deploying applications in today's computing environment which involves many different hardware and software platforms.

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