1.4.5 LANSA Application Templates

LANSA's application templates are one of its most powerful features.  An application template can be thought of as an RDML code generator. It uses a simple programming language.  When executed, templates will automatically create standard blocks of RDML code based on a question and answer session.  For example, a pop-up window or prompting function can be created using a template. You simply tell the template the particular table and fields that you want included in the window, and it generates the necessary RDML commands to build the pop-up window function/program.

Templates are extremely important as they ensure consistency in function design, operation and structure. Templates increase productivity and reduce coding errors. Customizing templates allows you to enforce site application development standards. Templates are an efficient means of generating commercial grade applications.

LANSA ships over 40 ready-to-use templates to help you with application development. Specific online help is available for each shipped template. Templates are written in a LANSA template language so new templates can easily be created and existing templates can be modified to meet your site standards.

Where possible, it is recommended that you start with an application template when building your application programs.  Building block templates can also be used within the function editor to create parts of a function.

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