1.5.5 System & Multilingual Variables Development

System variables can be used in a number of places such as default values for a field in the Repository, in validation rules or as parameters in RDML commands.

System Variables are system wide and exist in all partitions. If a system variable is changed in one partition, this change impacts all partitions.

You may manually create your own system variables within LANSA. Before creating your own System Variables, you should review the following topics:

System Variable Concepts

Multilingual Text Variable Concepts

and also

Create System Variables and Create Multilingual Variables in the Visual LANSA User Guide.

LANSA includes a set of Special Variables that perform special functions such as storing the next available numbers in a sequence. For more about the Special Variables and the other shipped system variables, refer to the Technical Reference Guide:

General Variables

Function Only Variables

Special Variables

Built-In Function Variables