Corporate Data Dictionary Concept

The concept of a corporate data dictionary evolved from integrated development environments in which a single computer processing department supports all information systems requirements for a company. Briefly, a corporate data dictionary means that information is defined in terms of the corporate or complete company view and not just a single application's view of data.

For example, how often have you found that the same piece of data has been given many different descriptions and definitions throughout the application system. A Customer Number may be described as Customer ID, Customer Number, ID Number Customer, Cust ID, Customer No, or Cust ID No. Do these refer to the same data or different pieces of data?

Committing to a corporate data dictionary concept will involve:

The use of the corporate data dictionary concept will produce long-term benefits as it extends the life of your applications and makes integration of your applications possible.

To enforce the corporate data dictionary concept, you may want to limit the developers who are allowed maintain fields in the Repository.