How to Create New Fields

There are several ways to create a field definition in the Repository:

1.  Manually define a field
You may manually create all the details of the field definition. For further details, refer to Steps for Completing Fields in Repository.

2.  Copy an existing field
Copying an existing field allows you to copy the basic field characteristics as well as the rules and help text.

3.  Manually define a field using an existing field as a reference
Using a reference field is similar to a copy, except it permanently links two field definitions together. Changes made to the referenced field will affect any fields that reference it. (Refer to Copying Versus Reference Fields.)

4.  Import an existing externally defined table into the Repository
If you are building from existing applications, you can import your existing table definitions into LANSA. The table import utilities will create field definitions for the fields in the imported tables.

5.  Use a Modeling tool
You may use the Visual LANSA Modeling tool to automatically build the fields required for the table definitions.

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