How to Create Indexes

Indexes are part of a LANSA table definition. An index can only be created once the physical table has been defined to LANSA.

Indexes can be created several ways in LANSA:

1.  Manually define an index.

2.  Import an existing externally defined table into the Repository

3.  Use a modeling tool.

Option 1. If you manually define the tables in the database, you must manually create the indexes for the database.

Option 2. If you import OTHER tables, you are given the choice of which indexes you want to import into LANSA. (Refer to 1.6.10 Imported Table Definitions.)

Option 3. If you use the Visual LANSA Logical Modeler many of the required indexes will be automatically created for your tables based on the object relationships defined in the model and on any specified user views.

Once a new index has been added, you must Make a Table Operational.

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