Steps to Create a PJC

Following is a brief summary of the steps to create a PJC:

1.  Create table access routes. The table access routes should have already been defined as part of the table definition steps. If they have not yet been set up, you will be required to do so before beginning.

2.  Add column for PJC to the Repository. Like other virtual columns, the column used for the PJC must be created in the Repository.

3.  Set up access route characteristics. The access routes contain two characteristics specific to the PJC, "Keep Last" and "PJC before/after Virtual column derivation". These two values must be set.

4.  Define PJC characteristics. Using the access routes, the columns are linked in the two tables and the type of operations performed are specified.

5.  Make table operational. Once the PJC has been added, the table must be made operational.

It is important not to confuse PJCs with virtual columns. PJCs will appear on the list of columns in the table but they are maintained via the table access routes.