PC Other Tables

LANSA supports most popular databases used in business at stable and supported versions. Refer to your LANSA supplier if you need exact details of what databases and versions are supported.

A PC Other table will always be imported into an RDMLX partition as an RDMLX Imported Tables. There is no option to import a PC Other table into an RDMLX partition as an RDML table. Furthermore, RDML field types will be converted to RDMLX field types. For example, alphanumeric fields become string fields.

When LANSA imports the table, it records the information required to connect to the database, which is then automatically used at execution time. These details may need to be altered. (Refer to Using DEFINE_DB_SERVER to modify connection details.)

PC Other table data cannot be shipped with the Deployment Tool. If you need to ship data, you will need to write your own functions to insert or update the data as part of a package install. The Built-In Functions TRANSFORM_LIST and TRANSFORM_FILE may be appropriate. For further details, refer to Commands to execute in the LANSA Application Deployment Tool Guide.

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