IBM i RDMLX Other Tables

This facility is NOT to be used to import a LANSA table. Instead, export/import the definition you want to use into the new partition. Do not compile the table. Set the user's library to access the Table and IO Module.

The following information pertains to RDMLX Other Tables. For RDML Other Tables, refer to Import the Definition of a Table NOT Maintained by LANSA from the LANSA for i User Guide.

When importing an IBM i Other Table for RDMLX, LANSA supports a much wider range of field types. For details on the various field types, refer to Field Types in the LANSA Technical Reference Guide.

Database columns will be skipped during the import if they meet the following criteria:

DateTime fields may require special handling. (Refer to Handling of Timestamp or DateTime columns.)

As IBM i Other Tables never have their external definition changed by LANSA, additional columns to support LOBs are never added. (Refer to No additional LOB columns.)

On Windows and Linux, IBM i Other Tables are treated as if they are LANSA tables. Some IBM i Other Tables that have features not supported by LANSA tables may not build or execute correctly on Windows and Linux.

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