4.1 Getting Started with Function Development

With LANSA's integrated development environment, building an application is a simple two step process:

Step 1 - Build the Repository

Step 2 - Build Your Application Programs.

Step 1 is described in Creating Fields and Creating Application Databases.

As you begin Step 2, you begin to create your application programs using LANSA processes and functions. Review the following topics:

4.1.1 Setting Standards & Practices

4.1.2 Process & Function Naming

4.1.3 RDML Practices

4.1.4 Process & Function Guidelines

4.1.5 Before You Begin Checklist

Note: As you begin programming, you may find additional logic that you wish to add to the repository. You often use a cyclic development process of refining repository contents as you start developing your programs. Many of the productivity and maintenance benefits are the result of how LANSA RDML uses the LANSA Repository. (Refer to Repository and RDML.)

It is also important to understand the characteristics of processes and how they interact with functions. (Refer to 4.2 Developing with Processes and Functions.)

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