4.2.5 How to Create Functions

Once a process has been created, you may add functions to it.

Functions can be created in several ways:

1.  Generate from an application template

2.  Copy an existing function

3.  Manually define

Option 1. Templates can be used to generate complete functions or a part of a function. Almost all of your new functions should be created from a template to ensure site standard are followed. (Refer to Using Application Templates.)

Option 2.  A function can be copied from any process in the partition. Both the process and function name can be prompted. Copying an existing function often provides an excellent starting point.  If you regularly copy a standard function, you should consider creating a template for the function. When you copy an existing function, you must still compile the function before it can be executed.

Option 3.  A manually defined function is created using the LANSA editor. Though you will use the editor to modify the RDML, in most cases you should begin with a template or copy an existing function.  Even when you manually define your functions, you should still use building block templates.

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