2.7 Enrolling Bitmaps and Icons

When you want to use icons or bitmaps in many of the Visual LANSA controls such as tree and list views, forms, push-buttons and toolbar buttons, you must first enroll the image in the repository as a bitmap or icon component.

Using repository-enrolled images makes development and application deployment easier because the images are managed centrally so no separate image files need to be maintained or distributed. Also, you do not need to recompile your forms when you change an image.

There is a set of icons and bitmaps supplied with LANSA (called VB_xxxxxx and VI_xxxxxx).

Visual LANSA does not provide an icon editor, but many cheap or free icon editors are available on the web.

Libraries of icons are also accessible on the web. Usually these libraries are free or available for a nominal charge. 

Enrolling an Image

To enroll an icon or a bitmap create a component of type icon or bitmap:

The Design view of the editor will show the icon or bitmap and the Details tab can be used to set the image properties. The image file is inserted using the FileName property.

Note that after the picture is inserted, the FileName property is blanked out to indicate that no link is retained to the original image file.

Refer to the Help for detailed information about the image properties. The description of List View shows how to specify images in list and tree views.