2.10 Lists, Tree Views, Grids and Graphs

In Visual LANSA there are several controls which offer different ways of retrieving, displaying and maintaining list-type information. All lists show the values for one or more LANSA fields.

Most of these controls are straightforward lists or tables: list box, list view, combo box and grid. Tree views are a special kind of list which show hierarchical information. Two others, graphs and multiline edit boxes, do not appear to be lists to the user, but they operate the same way as lists.

Essentially, all list type components are containers for fields. To create a list, you first add the list component to your form and then you add to it the fields you want displayed. Every field you add becomes a column in the list.

2.10.1 Combo Box

2.10.2 Grid

2.10.3 List Box

2.10.4 Tree View

2.10.5 List View

2.10.6 Defining a List-Type Component

2.10.6 Defining a List-Type Component

2.10.7 Filling a List-Type Component

2.10.8 Working with Items in Lists