2.1.2 You Create Powerful Graphical Interfaces

The graphical components used to build applications provide you with powerful ways of displaying, manipulating and navigating data. They offer a wide variety of ways of communicating with the user, including explorer-type navigation, graphics, animations, videos and sound. As a result you can create flexible and compact applications which are very easy to use.

To see what you can do in a graphical user interface, run the VL_DEM20 application shipped with LANSA. (To do this, locate and select VL_DEM20 form and then choose the Execute command from the popup menu or the ribbon.)

When you run the demo application, note:

When you create a graphical user interface, you have lots of options. You can choose from many components, decide how many windows to use, design the layout including colors and fonts, and determine the best way the user should interact with the program. This means that you can customize the interface to the smallest detail.