2.1.5 RDMLX Is Extended RDML

Visual LANSA introduces a number of commands to support component definition and event-driven programming. These commands are called RDMLX commands (the X stands for extended). You cannot use them in traditional LANSA functions.

Similarly, there are some existing RDML commands which you cannot use in Visual LANSA. These are mainly commands that deal with the display of data (DISPLAY, REQUEST, POP_UP) or modes (SET_MODE, IF_MODE).

For more information, refer to Event-Driven Programs.

Even though there are some differences in how you create RDML and RDMLX programs, the vast majority of RDML commands are used in Visual LANSA. This provides you an easy transition to event-driven programming and ensures that your investment in LANSA skills is maintained.

RDMLX is a 4GL and vastly simpler than other object-oriented languages. It is designed to provide the benefits of graphical user interfaces and event-driven programming for business-focused application development.