2.21.2 Picklists

There are two primitive Data Class components in Visual LANSA that you can use in property sheets: PRIM_ALPH and PRIM_NMBR. These classes are generic definitions for strings and numbers. In addition, they contain a Picklist property which you can use to display a drop-down of values for a property sheet item, called a picklist.

This is what a picklist looks like:

To see what these primitive data classes contain base a data class called #OPTIONSA on #PRIM_ALPH:

Now display the Details tab for the #OPTIONSA data class:


Notice that the data class component contains a Picklist property. This property is used to associate a picklist with a property sheet entry.

Set Up Picklists

Create an Entry with Picklist

Retrieve the Selected Picklist Item

Picklist Code You Can Copy