Collection Properties

Collections have a number of useful properties that can provide information about the collection items.

Sequential collections such as List and Array, provide the following:


The first item in the collection.

#Com_Owner.Caption := #Collection.First.ExampleProperty


This item could also be accessed as follows

#Com_Owner.Caption := #Collection<1>.ExampleProperty



The last available instance in the collection

#Com_Owner.Caption := #Collection.Last.ExampleProperty




Returns the position of the supplied object in the collection

#Std_num := #Collection.IndexOf<#Object>



Ordered collections, such as Keyed and Dictionary collections, have no real concept of first and last. Instead a "Key" concept is used:


The value or object used to provide access to the collection item

For Each(#Item) In(#KeyedCollection)

#Empno := #KeyedCollection.Keyof<#Item>





Collections provide a wide variety of methods and properties to allow you to easily manipulate the collection content. You are encouraged to investigate these methods and you will find details in the Visual LANSA Component Help (F2).