2.29.1 ActiveX Controls

ActiveX controls are third party standard reusable components, which you can use in any application that supports ActiveX technology. Visual LANSA provides full support of ActiveX.

There are ActiveX controls for instance for calendars, text formatting, graphing, spell checking, advanced grids or web browsers. You can also integrate many applications, for example the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into your Visual LANSA application using ActiveX technology. (For more information, see Integrating with ActiveX-Enabled Applications.)

LANSA provides support for the use of ActiveX controls and COM automation and the option of wrapping LANSA components as ActiveX components.

2.29.2 Using ActiveX Controls

       Before You Decide to Use an ActiveX Control

       Obtaining ActiveX Controls

       Downloading and Installing an ActiveX Control

       Enrolling an ActiveX Control in the Repository

       Pre-Enrolled ActiveX Components

Viewing the ActiveX Control

ActiveX Terminology

Using an ActiveX Control

ActiveX Error trapping

Licensing and Deployment

Integrating with ActiveX-Enabled Applications

Important Note about Syntax with ActiveX Collections