Integrating with ActiveX-Enabled Applications

In addition to using ActiveX controls in your LANSA application, you can also use ActiveX technology to integrate your application with other ActiveX-enabled applications. Examples of ActiveX-enabled applications are, for instance, Microsoft Office applications, Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports.

You can manipulate programmatically the objects inside ActiveX-enabled applications from within your LANSA application. For example when you are using Microsoft Word from your LANSA application, you can directly manipulate any of Word's objects (for instance Window, Document, Paragraph) and their properties (such as Name, PageSetup), methods (CheckSpelling, Print) and events (for example New, Open).

In this section we show how to integrate a LANSA application with Microsoft Word version 9 (Word 2000). The same principles described here apply equally when you are integrating other ActiveX-enabled applications with LANSA.

Enrolling an ActiveX-Enabled Application

Accessing the Application's Objects

Important Note about Syntax with ActiveX Collections

Example of Integrating Microsoft Word

Properties of Type IDispatch