Downloading and Installing an ActiveX Control

To show you the basics of how to install an ActiveX control in your LANSA system, we use a keyboard control created by Iocomp Software.

The keyboard control is part of a collection of instrumentation ActiveX controls.  It is an on screen keyboard with mouse control support and is designed for touch-screen applications or keyboard-less applications:

You can download an evaluation copy of the controls from the iocomp software site.


To download the ActiveX controls, select the ActiveX tab and click on the Download link.

When the Security Warning dialog is displayed, click on the Save button. In the Save As dialog  specify where the control is to be saved, for example in the Download directory.

The instrumentation controls are downloaded in an exe file. Execute the file by double-clicking it. Install the controls:


Accept the terms and conditions, register your details and choose the platform:


Accept the default settings in the dialogs that follow.

After the installation is complete, the ActiveX controls are installed in the Windows registry of your computer. They are now ready to be enrolled in the LANSA Repository.