Using Methods to Insert Text

Our example application inserts text from the LANSA repository for a selected employee to the Word document. The places where text will be inserted in the document in are marked as bookmarks in  the document. To view them,  create a new document based on the template and select the Bookmarks option from the Insert menu in Word.

The bookmarks are shown as brackets in the document:

All the bookmarks in the document make up its Bookmarks collection. You refer to the individual bookmarks by their name:


The Insert Data for Employee button is used to insert the details of the currently selected employee in the document. In the Click event of this button a bookmark is first selected using its Select method and the current contents of a LANSA field are then inserted using the TypeText method:

invoke method(#WordDoc.Bookmarks.item<'address1'>.select)

invoke method(#WordApp.Selection.TypeText) text(#address1)

These methods are invoked for all the bookmarks in the document.