2. Creating Graphical User Interface Applications

Visual LANSA creates two kinds of applications

You can now create both LANSA functions (Universal UI) and Windows-optimized Visual LANSA applications. From Version 14, Visual LANSA can also be used to create highly graphical, high function browser-based, multichannel, mobile-ready web applications.

LANSA functions and components share:

You create Functions and Processes exactly as before

There is no change to how you create processes and functions:

Component Applications are created as Forms

Applications are created as forms (in the same way as Universal UI applications are created as functions). When you want to create a new application, you create a form. When you want to change the application, you edit the form.  There are no processes in Visual LANSA.

Component Applications are created as Web Pages

Web-based applications are coded entirely with the Visual LANSA software and require no knowledge of the typical mainstream web development tools such as HTML, JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Instead, applications are written entirely in RDMLX using the Visual LANSA integrated development environment, the WYSIWYG designer and LANSA supplied visual controls. If you are experienced in creating graphical user interface instructions, you may be more interested in looking at a different guide: Building Web Applications with Visual LANSA.