Template Commands

The LANSA template language is a simple "tag" language that relies on branch type logic. It is not a sophisticated programming language. All commands conform to the normal LANSA command conventions. For instance, positional or keyword parameter specification can be used, lists must be enclosed in brackets, etc. The template language is not compiled. It is an interpretive language.

Note: In the lists below, '*' indicates user input requested.

List Commands


Clear/define a work list


Make a list of selected fields from another list(s)*


Merge a list(s) with another list(s)

File Commands


Get the files to be used in this template*


Retrieve the fields in a file


Retrieve the keys of a file


Retrieve the relationship between two files

Control Command


Pass control to a label


Test a condition and pass control to a label


A label which is the subject of another command


Compare an index value


Decrement an index value


Increment an index value


Set an index value

Other Commands


Add a comment line to the generated RDML code


Ask a question and receive a reply*


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