7.10.2 CALLCHECK Comments / Warnings



Return code

Alphanumeric length 1. Returned by the program as '1' (good return) or '0' (bad return). Used by the program to indicate to LANSA the success or failure of the complex logic check.

Name of field

Alphanumeric length 10. Passed to the program. Contains the name (as opposed to the value) of the field that is passed in the third parameter.

Value of field

Length and type depend upon the data dictionary definition of the field. Alphanumeric fields are passed with same type and length as their data dictionary definition. All numeric fields (type P or S) are passed as packed (type P) and the same length and number of decimal positions as their data dictionary definition. Note that the value of the field is passed in a work area, thus it is not possible to change value of the field by changing the value of the parameter in the validation program.