Note: Usage options

The DEF_MTH_EX command is used to define a 3GL external method. This is used to call either a 3GL program or a 3GL procedure in a service program on IBM i.

The 3GL external method can optionally receive parameters and return a return value. For more information refer to the description of 7.27 DEF_MAP_EX.

The DEF_MTH_EX is a declarative command. It does not have any matching end command. It is considered ended by the next RDML command that is not a DEF_MAP_EX command. A 3GL external method is executed using the INVOKE command.


Also See

7.28.1 DEF_MTH_EX Parameters

7.28.2 DEF_MTH_EX Examples


    DEF_MTH_EX --- NAME ------ External Method Name ------------->
               >-- MODULE ----- Module Name --------------------->
                                Module Name   *LIBL               
                                Module Name   Library Name        
               >-- ENTRYPOINT-- Procedure name ------------------|