18.2 The X_RUN Command

The X_RUN command is used to execute an application from a command line or program icon. It initiates the LANSA execution environment and executes the specified application.

X_RUN has a number of compulsory and optional parameters which may vary depending on the platform on which it is used.

For example, this X_RUN command is used to bring up the menu MYPROC:



Under Linux, this X_RUN command is used to print a report on printer lp0 using the MYREPT report function IN MYPROC process:



The X_RUN command can be found in

The X_RUN command has standard parameters as well as parameters for more advanced use. These parameters are described in 18.3 X_RUN Parameter Summary and 18.4 X_RUN Parameter Details.

X_RUN parameters and their arguments can be set up permanently. How to do this is explained in 18.5 Permanently Specify X_RUN Parameters.

Designed for use by application developers, X_START is a simple utility that prompts for X_RUN parameters. Refer to 18.1 Using X_START as a Front End to X_RUN for details.