Note: Usage options

The ENDROUTINE command is used to indicate the end of:

Every SUBROUTINE, EVTROUTINE, MTHROUTINE or PTYROUTINE command must have one and only one ENDROUTINE command. It is inserted automatically together with the EVTROUTINE command when you click on an event in the Event tab.

When an ENDROUTINE command is executed control is returned to the logic that invoked the routine:


Portability Considerations

Subroutines that are nested inside one another are not supported in Visual LANSA. This is a very rarely used coding technique and thus unlikely to cause any problems. In the event of problems simply un-nest the subroutine(s) involved and recompile.

Also See

7.49.1 ENDROUTINE Parameters

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  ENDROUTINE --- no parameters ---------------------------------|