Note: Usage options

The INZ_LIST command is used to initialize a list with a set number of identical entries. All entries will be set to the values the list's fields contain at the time the INZ_LIST command is executed.

The list may be a browse list (used for displaying information at a workstation) or a working list (used to store information within a program).

The INZ_LIST command is normally used to initialize a list with a number of "null" entries that are to be used for data entry (rather than display) purposes.

Refer to the DEF_LIST command for more details of lists and list processing.

Also See

7.80.1 INZ_LIST Parameters

7.80.2 INZ_LIST Comments / Warnings

7.80.3 INZ_LIST Examples



  INZ_LIST ----- NAMED -------- *FIRST ------------------------->

                                list name


             >-- NUM_ENTRYS --- 1 ------------------------------>

                                number of entries


             >-- SET_SELECT --- *YES --------------------------->



             >-- WITH_MODE ---- *CURRENT -----------------------|





                                field name