Note: Usage options

The KEEP_MAX command is used to keep the value of the field having the maximum value of field(s) in another field.

Note: RDMLX Fields cannot be used with this command.

The KEEP_MAX command is only valid within SELECT or SELECTLIST command loops, because the processing logic used is implicitly linked to the SELECT / SELECTLIST loop logic.

Normally the KEEP_MAX command is entered directly after the SELECT or SELECTLIST command. However there are specific exceptions to this. Refer to the examples section for more details.

Also See

7.83.1 KEEP_MAX Parameters

7.83.3 KEEP_MAX Example

7.83.2 KEEP_MAX Comments / Warnings




  KEEP_MAX --- OF_FIELD ---- list of field names --------------->

                             | expandable group expression |

                             ------ -- 50 max - -----------


                 IN_FIELD ---- field name ---------------------->





                 BY_FIELD ---- *SELECTED -----------------------|

                               list of field names

                              | expandable group expression |

                               ---------  20 max ----------