PSRR Notes (Primary Server Route Repository)

Setting PSRR=Y (the default) indicates that if repository data cannot be retrieved locally, a request should be sent to the server to retrieve the data.

Setting PSRR=N turns off this feature.

To turn off this option it is recommended that you:


If you use the DEFINE_XXXXXXXX_SERVER BIF to connect to the server, the lock objects value can be set to R (which means route lock requests, route authority requests, and repository requests). To turn off, routing repository requests, set the lock objects value to something other than R AND do one of the above recommendations to set PSRR to N.

Some examples of the information that can be automatically retrieved from the server repository are messages, partition definition, help text and object descriptions for the help index.

Things you should know about using PSRR=Y (or an equivalent option) include:

For further information on this feature, please refer to 18.7 The .XQ* Files.